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Self Design***Norrmalms Möbler***Since 1947

Create Unique Furniture

That Fits to Perfection

Exclusively handcrafted of solid hardwood
designed by you to complement
your style and your space.

steps towards your unique furniture

Step 1

Select between solid Oak and solid Beech Hardwoods.
You’ll find only high-quality european solid wood selections at Tonorex.
Absolutely no particle board, veneers or fake substitutes.

At Tonorex you can choose the top of your furniture be in natural stones or in hardwood.
Stone table tops are available in Marblesand travertine in different colors.
For wooden parts of your furniture, choose a wood oil color unique to your style.
The furniture industry typically offers laquered or stained finish.
We give you the works with a range of high quality wood oil finishes carefully chosen
to compliment your wood selection. Choose between Pure wax oil, Natural white oil, or Chocolate brown oil.
For special color variations, contact us at Tonorex.

Step 2

Depending on product function, you can change the dimensions, number of doors, drawers, etc. of each model
to perfectly fit your space and needs.
Easily adjust length, depth, height and other specifications by choosing from the drop down menues.

For different products, you can customize details like edge profile, handles, number of shelves, etc. to fit your requirements.

Step 3

From our workshop to your home
Receive progress updates to see what’s happening step-by-step.

Quality that Endures

Nothing fake, veneer, or flat-packed prefabricated Modules.

See our solid hardwood furniture.





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Exceptional Quality

Our team of artisans handcraft every piece to the smallest detail.
We take pride in crafting your high-end piece of furniture that’s made to last.

You Can’t Afford cheap furniture

Most people struggle to keep their furniture as perfect as new. When your furniture is not made of quality hard wood …

Make a furniture that endures

Furniture should be easy to maintain and it should last in good condition for generations. Most people don't know how to create durable furniture that fits their needs and space just right. Here you have the opportunity to design your own hard wood furniture. You'll finally get the unique furniture that elevates your space and lets you live the life you deserve. You deserve a furniture that is :


We invest in top-class material so that you can create the perfect furniture of the highest quality that will last for generations.
No detail is left to chance, every step of the creation from the first drawing to the final check of the finish is done by hand and with the utmost care.

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