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Self Design***Norrmalms Möbler***Since 1947

Our Story

Beauty is found in materials that celebrate and honor nature. Tonorex Design creates individualized furniture tailored to meet the unique needs of each space. We believe you will feel at Home in the place where individual style is born from thoughtful curation and each space deserves Beauty in its own unique way.

It all began with a passion for furniture design and a desire to create durable high quality furniture that would fit just right.

To design furniture tailored after each space

Our journey began in Vasastan Stockholm

The idea of creating flexible designs for furniture was born 1947 at Norrmalms Möbler located in the heart of Stockholm city.
A driving force that led to creation of several series of wooden furniture that can be tailored to fit size-wise and blend in Scandinavian, mid-century, or modern style interiors.

Turning passion into production

In 2014, K. Johansson at Norrmalms Möbler in Vasastan, followed his passion and took a risk. He created the foundation for “Self-Design” furniture, a series of Nordic furniture designs to become the base for production of custom-made durable furniture. City smart size options, clean lines that reminded of Scandinavian mid-century modern style. While the risk was great, the reward was even greater.

Fits your needs perfectly

Designed to last for generations

With a focus on quality, functionality and by using solid hardwoods and natural stone in our furniture, we create practical furniture that endures for several years.
Over the years, our burning desire has been to design and manufacture solid wood furniture that can be adapted to compact city homes as well as spacious villas.
Our customers have had the freedom to tailor furniture in sustainable materials to fit their unique spaces just right.

Clean lines and simplicity

Inspired by Scandinavian style

Our furniture design is inspired by Scandinavian style combined with the elegance of mid-century modernism. Sleek minimalistic design of our furniture with clean lines and the warmth of solid wood brings the nature into your surroundings and creates a Zen, the kind of place where you can relax and recharge after a long day.

Premium Solid Wood furniture

Every piece of furniture starts in our workshop with a solid piece of White Oak or Beech lumber. Nothing fake, veneer, or prefabricated modules comes from Tonorex. Only custom hand-made furniture designed by you and built to fit just right in your space.

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