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Self Design***Norrmalms Möbler***Since 1947


Experience Rare Quality In a world transcended by mass production, a unique handmade piece is rare.

Each tree bears its own story.

Begin and end with a tree

Our handmade furniture retells this story. These rare pieces spread the good feeling and warmth of nature wherever they move in.

Perfect furniture starts with perfect lumber.

The journey starts with board selection

We take the time to sort through solid hardwood slabs to produce the great board for every piece of furniture.

Joints are essential for furniture stability.

Highest standard artisan joinery

In an industry that relies on cheap laminate and veneer boards, we are raising the standard. We cut and glue together solid wood to create furniture that lasts for generations.

Assembled And Solid As Rock

Built by master Craftsmen

It has become common to have customers assemble their own furniture. But we are craftsmen. We handcraft our furniture and put them together by all rules of the art. Once built the furniture are rock solid; they don’t come apart again to fit in the smallest boxes.

Sanded and sanded and sanded again

Mass production of furniture relies heavily on industrial machines for sanding. But we know there’s a big difference between machine-sanding on automatic setting and the piece of hardwood sanded by craftsmen who care. We care and so we sand.

Oil-finished by hand, beautiful and durable

After passing the building stages and several careful inspections, your furniture is finally ready for oil-finish.
When it comes to oil-finishing furniture, we use a slower, more complicated skill set of applying pigmented oil on each piece of furniture by hand.

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