Nika Console High with drawer

From: 7 200 kr

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Nika Console table, handcrafted with care from dense European hardwood is the perfect piece of furniture for a welcoming entrance and the natural surface to put away the post. Paired with a wall mirror, Nika console table can even be the perfect substitute for a vanity. ... With a default size of L90xW35xH90 cm this console table fits as nicely in a compact city apartment as in a more spacious house. You can configure the console table to have a small drawer in the frame for your keys and other small item. You can also add a shelf underneath the console to use as an extra storage space. Choose a warm authentic look crafted from solid oak or solid beech; Or add natural stone tabletop to make a modern statement to your entrance. Customize your wood oil finish: Pure, Natural and Chocolate. Get one of those magnificent furniture pieces you’ve always wanted! Show More function toggleText() { // Get all the elements from the page var points = document.getElementById("points"); var showMoreText = document.getElementById("moreText"); var buttonText = document.getElementById("textButton"); // If the display property of the dots // to be displayed is already set to // 'none' (that is hidden) then this // section of code triggers if ( === "none") { // Hide the text between the span // elements = "none"; // Show the dots after the text = "inline"; // Change the text on button to // 'Show More' buttonText.innerHTML = "Show More"; } // If the hidden portion is revealed, // we will change it back to be hidden else { // Show the text between the // span elements = "inline"; // Hide the dots after the text = "none"; // Change the text on button // to 'Show Less' buttonText.innerHTML = "Show Less"; } }

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custom-made product

  • Great furniture starts with great Hardwood.
  • We only use Solid Hardwood to make your furniture. All parts from legs to front to top is made of your chosen solid hardwood.
  • Of course you can choose top in natural stone too.


User Guide
Estimated Delivery Time
  • Typically, Our production Lead time is 7-10 weeks.
  • The choice of design and material may affects the total delivery time.
  • During the summer vacations and the period around Christmas, the delivery time may be longer than usual.
Nika Console High with drawer
From: 7 200 kr

Authentic Quality wood or stone

Finest European hardwood

Nika console tables are made of finest European solid white oak or solid beech, the choice is yours.
Weather you choose to add a stone tabletop to your console table or not, your new console is a magnificent gem that brings an authentic element of nature to your living space.
The timeless design combined with high-quality solid hardwood and elegant natural stones make it a lasting investment versatile enough to match any interior space. Nika is distinctive in its sophisticated simplicity and quality made by hand.

Solid European White oak
Solid European Beech wood

Delicate rounded edges

Handcrafted with care

The 2-cm-thick tabletop is softly rounded downwards to match the perfectly tapered legs with their rounded outer edge to create this fine example of excellent craftsmanship.
The amazingly smooth surface under your touch reflects the hours of sanding gone to each table to give you the pleasure of touching a masterpiece.

Practical design


Practical and elegant, Nika console table offers the perfect blend of form and function.
With its slim tall profile, clean lines, and simple design, it is easy to blend in any interior setting. Practicality is built into every piece with storage options like drawer and shelf to keep items from cluttering your space, while keeping them on hand when needed.
It makes the perfect hallway table, or a beautiful space to showcase your magnificent candleholders; It can be the excellent vanity table with a matching mirror. Nika console is a truly universal compact furniture piece creating comfort in your space.

Different Material & Variation

Your furniture Your style

The Nika console table is a stylish and sleek addition to your home or office.
Add some modern glamour to your interior with the clean lines and minimalist design of this table.
The beauty of natural stone or warmth of wood top will complement any style. Let your taste shine through with Nika, your furniture must reflect YOUR style!

Durable revolutionary oil finish

Long lasting low maintenance

We create handmade long-lasting pieces of finest hardwood that you will enjoy for years.
We seal and protect our furniture with an all-natural oil that bonds to the wood fibres and cures to a hardened wax with a matte finish. This results in a durable finish with great wear, water, and heat resistance, all while keeping the natural look and feel of the wood. It’s almost like a second skin!
The finish is quite robust and so while we will always recommend using coasters and placemats as a regular habit, the furniture won’t be damaged by not using them every time. Our furniture pieces are easy to maintain and hard to hurt, but if accidents are to happen, most marks can be easily dealt with because of the simplicity of the finishing oil we apply to our furniture.

One word – customizable

Nika console tables are built to perfectly match your taste, so every one of them is unique.
Choose if you need storage like drawer or shelf, combine stone or wood top with a hardwood frame in solid oak or beech and finish with the colour that complements your space.