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Terms and Conditions



For private consumers, the Swedish Consumer Purchase Act, the Distance Contracts Act and the Home Sales Act apply, which means that you as a customer normally have a 14-day right of withdrawal after receiving the item.

Exceptions to this, however, apply to customized goods that are manufactured to order and according to the customer’s specific wishes, i.e. the right of withdrawal according to the Distance Contracts Act does not apply to specially adapted products ordered to Tonorex Design AB by phone, in store or at,,

More information about this can be found on the Swedish Consumer Agency’s website

Age limit and conditions for ordering

Minors under the age of 18 may not purchase products and open an account with Tonorex Design AB, without the guardian’s written approval. Orders made in the name of another person without their consent, or in any other way that results in Tonorex Design AB suffering financial damage, will be reported to the police.

Account registration

When opening an account with Tonorex Design AB, the Purchase Terms, Tonorex Integrity policy and Cookies policy apply. Upon opening, the visitor accepts that Tonorex Design AB stores given information in accordance with the Personal Data Act (PuL). See point Personal Data Act (PuL).

Termination of account

When closing an account with Tonorex Design AB, this must be notified by e-mail to You are not required to provide a reason.

IP number

The customer’s IP number (Internet Protocol address) is registered with each order. False orders and attempted fraud are reported to the police.


All prices on are issued in Swedish kronor (SEK) and on in Euros (€). Any shipping costs, taxes, customs fees, invoice fees, etc. added when ordering.


All prices at Tonorex Design AB are shown according to Swedish legislation including 25% VAT.

Changes / Updates

Tonorex Design AB reserves the right to reserve for possible inaccuracies in prices and with reservation for content on the website and changes. Tonorex Design AB reserves the right to continuously change prices. Price changes after orders have been placed cannot be invoked.


All images, motifs, photos, drawings, paintings, patterns that appear on the Tonorex Design AB website are protected by copyright. No image material may therefore be used without permission from Tonorex Design AB.


All images, illustrations, colors, and photos cannot be guaranteed to reproduce the exact appearance and nature. All colors in all images and motifs displayed in the Tonorex Designs AB web shop may deviate slightly from reality. Natural materials such as wood and stone are unique, and no piece of furniture is the same.

Natural properties of natural materials

Although wood is naturally beautiful, it is far from perfect and flawless. We do our best to choose wooden boards that have harmony in color and pattern, but it is natural for wood to have knots, mineral deposits, small holes, and unusual grain patterns. Each piece of furniture is as unique as a fingerprint and will take pigment/oil slightly differently – even two boards from the same tree are not exactly alike.

The same applies to stone-top discs. The very essence of natural stone gives a realistic feeling and closeness to nature. Each stone top is unique. The variation of grain structure, pigmentation, cracks, and grain formations differs from stone to stone. One must embrace and understand the concept of variation, as no two slabs of stone are exactly alike even if they come from the same mountain.

This variation is a natural quality of natural materials such as wood and stone and is not a defect unless it interferes with the function of the product.

Errors / Change in contact details

Tonorex Design AB is not responsible for any inaccuracies in information provided by the client. Therefore, check that the order is correct in connection with the entry of information, and check the reply email that comes to the customer’s address with a copy of the order information.

Any changes to the delivery address, phone number, and other recipient information must be notified as soon as possible before the order is sent out from us according to the preliminary delivery time that we notify via email. Changing the recipient’s name and phone number is not possible after the item leaves us. A change of address after the item has been sent is only possible in some cases if the new address is in the same city and before the recipient is notified. The service costs SEK 290 in Sweden. There may be other fees if the new address qualifies for “DHL location extra fee” or similar.

Shipping method

Tonorex Design AB offers various shipping options to choose from, e.g., delivery to delivery point (e.g., local grocery store or agent, or freight forwarder terminal), home or business address.

Orders can also be picked up at the Tonorex Design warehouse during specified pick-up times. When picking up from our warehouse, the customer can either receive the item unpackaged or packed in a box depending on the product. After the customer has paid for the item, Tonorex Design no longer assumes any responsibility for the item, its condition, or how it is transported to the customer.

Shipping prices

Shipping costs are added. Shipping prices are stated in the shopping cart/checkout. If more shipping options are specified in the shopping cart/checkout, the buyer selects the most suitable option.

Delivery time

All furniture at Tonorex Design is made to order and is manufactured according to the buyer’s wishes and personal choice of measurements and details. Delivery time is 7–10 weeks from the time of order. If the delivery time should deviate from the standard delivery time, the customer will be informed of this in connection with their purchase or as soon as possible.

Repentance and Change

All products from Tonorex Design AB are made-to-order goods, that is to say that they are specially ordered and/or created especially for the customer according to his specific wishes and are manufactured according to his order. All items in the Tonorex Design range are products that are unique to order and no right of withdrawal, right of exchange or open purchase applies to ordered goods because the goods cannot be resold to another party (see point 1).

Despite this, in order for the customer to have more flexibility, Tonorex Design AB offers a 10-day change period which means that the buyer can within 10 days from the order date, make changes to their order or cancel it at no extra cost.

Please note that any changes or cancellations within the aforementioned 10-day change period must be made in writing via email to and will only be valid when you receive a confirmation email with approval from us that the change or cancellation has gone through. Therefore, it is very important that you follow up your application with customer service and make sure that you receive written confirmation from us for the change/cancellation. Without a confirmation email from us, the change/cancellation is not valid.

Cancellation of placed order after 10 days

Generally, after 10 days have passed from the order date, there is no longer the possibility to cancel the item or cancel the order. The buyer undertakes to complete the purchase after the order, as started production cannot be interrupted.

Cancellation notices received by us after 10 days from the order date, and before the item has left our warehouse, may in some cases be accepted at a cost equivalent to 40-70% of the purchase price depending on the product and at Tonorex Design’s discretion.

Change of placed order after 10 days

The main rule is at Tonorex Design AB, orders for unique order items cannot be canceled or changed after 10 days.

Changes that are notified after 10 days from the order, can in some cases be approved depending on the nature of the change and how far the product has come in the production process. In that case, a new price must be calculated, and the customer must pay the difference and a change fee of 25% of the item’s new price.

Shipping damage

Tonorex Design AB strives to send shipments as durable as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the shipment will be delivered without the risk of transport damage. Shipments must always be checked upon receipt by the buyer. The recipient must immediately note and register visible packaging damage to the carrier at the time of transport so that the transport damage could be complained to the transport company. Transport damage must also be reported immediately to Tonorex Design AB (within 4 days of the delivery date for hidden damage) so that we can complain to the transport company for processing.

Please note that according to the carrier’s conditions, if the item is delivered without notations on the receipt by the recipient regarding damage, or damage scans by the carrier at the time of transport, the shipping damage will not be approved.

In addition to immediate notification of shipping damage to the carrier, shipping damage must always be reported in writing to within 4 days of delivery via email with the order number (or the item’s ID number) as a reference, clear digital images of the shipping damage on the furniture, the outer packaging, as well as a picture of the product as a whole with the damage visible. This is so that we can complain about the shipping damage to the transport company within their valid complaint period.

According to NSAB 2000/2015, visible damage must be reported to the carrier immediately at the time of delivery.

In the case of hidden transport damage, the recipient must inform us in writing (email within four calendar days from the time of transport so that we can complain to the transport company within the valid complaint period. Otherwise, the shipping claim will not be approved, and the shipment will be deemed to have been delivered in acceptable condition.

Customs costs

All goods sent from Sweden and deliveries within Sweden are duty-free. Deliveries to countries within the EU are also duty-free. Deliveries to non-EU countries may involve possible customs charges. Customs duties are paid by the buyer.


Tonorex Design AB’s responsibility for errors in delivery is limited to the applicable terms of sale. Tonorex Design AB bears no direct or indirect responsibility for damages incurred in connection with the assembly and disassembly of our products. Tonorex Design AB is not liable for compensation for direct or indirect costs that the buyer may have towards himself or other parties. Tonorex Design AB takes no responsibility for damage that may occur to our products in connection with the customer’s or 3rd party’s own damage.

Liability in the event of errors

Obvious errors (e.g., wrong size, color, model, etc.) must be reported to Tonorex Design AB within 14 days of receipt of delivery.

Tonorex Design can replace in exchange for the recipient returning the faulty product or parts that are faulty. The alternative is for the recipient to take clear digital photos of the faulty product or parts that are faulty. No replacement products will be sent without this being approved by Tonorex Design AB. Faulty products cannot be replaced against payment, i.e., repurchase.

Reservation of ownership

All goods remain the property of Tonorex Designs AB until full payment has been made.

Payment options

Payment takes place via Stripe (card payment), Swish, Paypal or Klarna and the payment options are Card payment, Direct payment via internet bank or Invoice/Part payment (via Klarna).

As all Tonorex Designs products are custom made and manufactured to the buyer’s specific requirements, the full price must be paid at the time of order. Payment takes place immediately at the time of purchase and we are not able to offer other payment methods, nor payment after delivery.

However, there is the possibility of receiving financial services via Klarna, for example Klarna invoice/partial payment, which is activated after 10 days (pause period) after the time of purchase.


Since all Tonorex Designs products are custom-made goods, there is no possibility of repurchasing and refund after 10 calendar days from the date of purchase. This means that we offer a cooling-off period of 10 days from the time of purchase, during this period if you regret (or change your order), the full purchase price (if you regret it), or the difference (in case you change to a cheaper design), will be refunded via the same payment channel as you had paid for your purchase.

In the same way, if you pay via Klarna, your invoice/part payment is activated 10 calendar days after the date of purchase.

This is because after 10 days, the production process for your order switches to being custom-made according to your choices and then the process can no longer be stopped.

5 Year Warranty

Tonorex Design AB provides a 5-year warranty on all items in the range. The warranty covers manufacturing defects on all Tonorex Design products and applies in accordance with the conditions stated in the warranty conditions.

The Personal Data Act PUL

According to the Personal Data Act (1998:2004), no registration of personal data may take place without the person’s consent. You have the right to access your personal data that is registered with us. If the registered data is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you have the right to request that the data be corrected or deleted. You have full access to your stored address details under your registered account with us, which are also fully changeable. If you want us to release information to you from our register, the Personal Data Act requires that you submit a signed request to Tonorex Design AB. Read more under Tonorex Privacy notice and Cookies policy.

Force majeure – Unforeseen interruptions, obstacles etc.

Tonorex Design AB cannot be held responsible or be liable for refunds for ordered goods where delays are caused by events and obstacles beyond its own control, such as possible operational interruptions caused by illness, computer errors, server errors, program errors, line errors, power outages or other measures of a restrictive structure, authority control, raw material shortages , force majeure, war, etc. which temporarily prevent fulfillment of ordered product or service.


Tonorex Design AB reserves the right to change the terms of purchase without announcement. Updated purchase conditions replace previous purchase conditions, which cannot be invoked. Tonorex Design AB reserves the right to reservation for possible inaccuracies.


Disputes arising from these conditions must be settled in a Swedish court.

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